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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 15, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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there's a big problem with his holiday packages and. >> this guy's not rational, he's got the christmas stress. >> how he's taking it out on the delivery dude. >> video of a high speed boat race resurfaces. >> hits a bit of a wave, nose comes up. >> the spectacular wipeout the driver walked away from. >> it's the story of a mighty elephant. how the baby stood his ground until mama could surface. plus, a daughter/daddy dance battle. and doing the turkey
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slurpee. she can do it. see why we were not quite so elegant. >> there's a popular saying, don't shoot the messenger, in the czech republic they need another saying, don't beat up the delivery guy. >> hey. >> according to the poster, that guy is yelling saying, i ordered presents for my family that present hasn't been delivered, where am i going to got presents now? >> it's no that guy's fault. >> absolutely, it's not that guy's fault. according to poster of the video, he says i want to look at your clipboard, see if my delivery's supposed to be there. this guy's not rational. he's got the christmas stress. slings the clipboard on the ground. now he's in the van. >> this is almost unbelievable. >> we reached out to the poster of the video. he claims it absolutely is real.
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>> oh! >> there goes the delivery guy. >> the tv falls out of the truck. delivery guy comes rolling out. hockey club and then he goes nuts. he smashes in the side view mirror, and then the window. but then he realized he's on camera. according to the guy who posted the video, the dude did about 2500 u.s. worth of damage. >> his packages don't show up on time and include other peoples' packages not to show up on. >> he has turned the video over to police and they are investigating.
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>> video from a few months ago but got a lot of attention from detroit. gopro put it on their youtube channel and it's exploding all over again. what makes this whole thing is the sound. it's footage of john zimmerman, in his h1 unlimited hydroplane and he's photog foe going to god have fun. >> oh, oh. >> the engine reeling up. sounds amazing. >> sounds leak an airplane. >> it does sound like an airplane because it's got a jet engine. they like to go extremely face and race them. the video jumps, we're in the middle of a race. you can see the other boats just ahead. >> holy smokes. >> you hear the engine, then he hits a bit of a wave, the nose comes up and he's in trouble. this is where it hits home for me. >> what? >> does a total back flip and hits water, bubbles go and it
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cuts to black. he chipped a tooth. >> that's it. >> wow. >> this is crazy, because it gives you a sense of what that must have felt like. >> it's like uh-oh, and energy your life feels like slow, silent motion. >> surveillance video from an incident that happened back in november. we saw this video already. that's 36-year-old victor. the owner alleged he tried to steal beer from the store. when he went out, he wasn't gone for long, poured, lit it on fire, took off. there were people in the deli. he has been arrested and charged with arson for the attack on that store. >> it's a clear look at his face. we're wondering if he's going to get busted. that's good. >> this goes to show you, when police release surveillance videos it works. people do recognize these people and end up turning them in or
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people get embarrassed they turn themselves in. >> especially with small communities, social media, easier to track them down. >> easier to turn them in anonymously, too, which help dplz odd scene from dash cam in russia. a woman wearing nothing but underwear running down the snowy, cold street. police have been called. you see them trying to catch up with her in that van. he's el fresco. throwing snow. putting up a fight with the officers trying to get her some help. she does convenient actually get put into this van, safe and sound. they did take her to the hospital for evaluation. >> looked like she might have been under the influence of something, waving her arms, didn't seem like she was in distress. it seemed like she was not thinking clearly. >> clearly she needed help. no good reason to be out there, naked.
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♪ >> this year's the story of the mighty bull elephant and the baby hippo. when i say little baby hippo, i mean a little one. at the queen elizabeth national park in uganda. you have a pod of hippos, but here comes the bull elephant by himself saying, look, there's not enough room for all of you, you guy are going to have to move. guess what, they move exsent the baby hippo. >> like a bouncer at a pool party. >> the tail and trunk and everything. >> first he says shoo with his tail, then his big old feet get involved. >> i don't think this is think kind of scuffle, get out of the way i don't have room. i think this elephant is like thele lifeguard at the pond and it's time for adult swim. stands his ground until the elephant shouts. the baby hippo gets into the
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water. guess what? the hippo survives. we jump from africa to australia where we see this cute little, cuddly koala, climbing up the tree. >> he is climbing the way like a child would. not quite sure what he's doing. >> whoops, there he goes. >> oh. >> oh! >> it's like the person who trips on the sidewalk. >> so funny. >> i was in the tree. >> did you notice how slow, but twuns fe once it fell, it got the boot scooting boogie going. >> get off of me! >> a stand-off between store manager and customer. >> he alleges the woman stole a bottle of wine. >> see how one bottle of booze leads to a messy debacle. it's what not to do at the
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company holiday party. >> that's a tough one. >> should go for it. >> all of the don'ts you need d. uiu t rslaltzerco yrs susru so .
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"rtm" video app, it's the cure for boredom. download it now. >> you guys were okay. >> according to the people who posted the video from juken, this woman gets in it with the man from the red shirt. the man in the red shirt is the store manager. he alleges she stole wine and he gets after her. the guy in the shirt is trying to calm tensions down but not having success. >> let go of me. >> let the guy out. >> stand there and make comments about it, needs some help. >> he gets help immediately. quickly the police show up. >> police. down on the ground. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, that's just alcohol
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abuse! >> now say calm down. >> keeps escalating. you have police trying to get this woman into custody and separate these two. this man, he's able to walk away unharmed. but this woman, she doesn't make it easy for police to take her into custody. >> get off of me! >> no! >> in this video from tel aviv, you have two boys, 12 and 13. police say one has a fake toy in his sack he's carrying in there and going into the bank. when he enters the bank, one says "this is a holdup". people were terrified, but that terrified the boys and they ran out of the bank burke they were caught. >> good thing they were caught and not shot. >> this is tel aviv. such a stupid idea. >> you see them in court with their heads down. you know these boys feel pretty darn bad about what they did when they're in front of the judge.
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>> we've been there, cleaning your pool, listening to qwest, your daughter comes up and challenges you to a dance battle. >> serious business. >> she's dancing, she's bringing it on. it's like, come on, dad! ♪ >> he's standing there, watching. >> she's good. >> she sends it back to him and throws a point. that's when it's his go. one of the old moves he used to have pack in the day. >> those are good. >> those are classic. major points for those. >> bringing absolute classics out. she's ready as well. the dog is judging who's going to be the winner. it's a sweet video going on for three minutes. you ke so mum's finger. because it's real and sweet, that's why it's spreading like wildfire. there's a lot of backwards and forwards, as they send it to each other. dad's cracking up in some places. in the end she does a big
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finale. he thinks about it and, nah. >> she won. >> she won. >> love it. >> melts your heart. >> how cool to have a daughter that can dance, and a dad that can join in on the battle. >> they'll have a fun daddy/daughter dance at her wedding. >> hope they re-create this. >> this is the time of year when your office starts throwing the holiday parties. >> uh-oh. >> they can be fun. but it's not the place to get out of hand. if you need a reminder what not to do the folks from fast company are here to help. talk about work. >> it was actually -- i think marcia was mad at me. >> like forever. stop forever. >> that is true. you spend so much time with these people talking about work, when you're not in the setting you want to focus on the other stuff. don't trash talk your company. >> i feel like we're working for isis.
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>> trash talk your boss. >> such a -- i feel like he's going to walk in and i'll be like, i owe you your report. >> wow. definitely don't do that. >> there's a reason why you guys fine this incredibly funny. folks featured in the video are comedians from upright citizens briga brigade, some of the best in new york. i love this one. don't mistake subordinates for your friend. >> it's weird, my brother won't talk to me anymore but it's times for the best. >> or don't mistake your boss for a friend. >> i would say sense my wife has been pregnant the sex has been better. >> if it happens to be an open bar party, don't drink too much. it can get you in trouble. >> what you should go for. >> that's a tough one. if company's paying for the liqu liquor, i'm obligated to get mine. >> you never know what happens. we've seen you with more i youh. >> you are out of control.
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>> out of control. >> i'm a good time. >> no, you're a pain in the butt. >> don't invite hr. >> man. >> robotic drone chasing one cool car. you rode in it. see it next "right this minute." and still to come -- dude wows his wife with a tenth anniversary surprise. >> he's planned a huge day. >> about to get married all over again. >> see the great lengths to pull off the ultimate romantic gesture. plus, it's the slurp trick we just had to try.
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don't forget to dvr "right this minute" and never miss another video. >> the day the video was recorded was a special day for the couple. it's a tenth anniversary for them. >> kelly's out with her friends. she thinks she's going out just for dinner dontonight. she doesn't realize she's going to get all married over again. >> he planned a huge day for his wife. what better way to show her that i love her by this renewal of their vows. >> that's sweet. and then they blindfold her. they change her, bring her back out. ♪
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♪ >> oh it's the song "hey, baby" i want to know if you'll be my girl. so sweet. >> it's cool. the choir starts singing another beautiful song ♪ but i can't help falling in love ♪ ♪ with you >> he takes his two daughters and gives them a sign that says "will you marry me again?" >> this must be so cool for them as children. can you imagine the comforting feeling knowing how much your parents love each other? they walk down the driveway and there is the altar set up for them. they've got their friends and family holding it up. >> take a look at wonderful people assembled here in support of you today. >> over the last ten years, even
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recently, i realize how deep my love is for you. >> finally we get to the moment to celebrate. mazel tov! >> cat plays whack a finger. ♪ ♪ >> i'm somewhat notorious with family and friends for eating like a ma reason under fire. i eat at a speed here to mask right now. this is laze lacy going to eat
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turkey. here one second, gone the next. >> does she chew it in. >> no. >> quick chew and swallow. >> literally inhaled her food. >> the guy behind her, he sees it, he tries to do it as well. see, not so easy. he's almost choking on it. there's a ten-second talent thing happening on slap chat. it's getting attention. >> video trickery. >> sleight of hand? >> no, he's doing it. >> anyone else want to try? >> yeah. >> those are huge! >> i'm not doing this by myself. we're all doing this. ready? >> ready? >> i'm out. >> i'll give it a shot. >> here it is. here it is. >> not exactly.
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>> no. >> you can't suck it in. she sucked it in and there are holes. >> ours is like swiss cheese. >> she probably has processed. >> we're eating good turkey. >> high-quality turkey. >> one, two, three. >> that's not -- that's ridiculous. i actually did it. i accidentally sucked in a small part. >> you did it? yeah. ♪ dude's got a noisy roommate problem. >> oh! >> unwanted roommate. >> something had to be done. >> he decided to go on mcgifber. >> see the clever way he pulls off a catch and release. >> and the winner of this -- th. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an >> nced time release formula for all day or all night relief. up to twice as long as other cough liquids. so the only sounds you'll hear are the ones you want to hear.
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bianca! (cheering) delsym. silence is relief. and now for a limited time try delsym for free, with mail in rebate.
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army volunteers. we need to get that memo, too. >> ben has a problem. >> i haven't been sleeping well lately because apparently my roommate thinks it's okay to wake me up in the middle of the night, making a bunch of noises. >> we've had bad roommates. >> i didn't know i had a
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roommate until i was laying in bed and heard sounds coming from the ceiling. >> oh! >> unwanted roommate. >> yes. the kind that runs around. >> but it's awfully cute. >> something had to be done. >> but, no, he didn't want to kill it. >> okay. >> he decided to go macgyver. careful usage of cardboard and peanut butter. >> mouse will abstracted to the tube, thanks to the peanut butter placed on the tip, making a ball into the bucket. >> humane way to capture the mouse. >> he's done it in a cool way. piling stuff up, puts the bucket there, underneath the hole, rolls it up, peanut butter. talking to his computer down there which lets him know when the mouse is around. >> it's cool. >> it's a mousetrap video. >> later that night --
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>> da, da, da, da, da. the mouse is here. motion sensors detected him. >> i is it waeeird i'm nervous. >> my voice-over voice. goes into the tube. perfect. >> you probably can't see it, but it's in the tube right here. it's been cool to hang with you, little mouse. but this is the end. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. that's our show. we'll see you for the next
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feeding the animals certainly looks fun but -- >> i wouldn't get as close as this woman would. >> what happens when the fence comes down and the camels come out? >> mom! >> he nearly rammed a cyclist but doesn't seem to care. >> but he does care now. >> what happens to the aussie with one bad attitude? a guy reaches into a fireplace to relocate -- >> a family of squirrels. >> the sweet moment mom comes to get her babies. pranksters stage a fake crime scene. ask people can


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